The most important

Everybody knows, yet everyone forgot about how important is making decisions. Determining which things are significant. Right here, right now. Because this is the only impact we have.


All next steps are just consequences of our choices. You can do many things a day. But you can also feel at the end of it, that you didn’t achieve anything. Not pleasant.
Every day we make many decisions. But do we remember their value? About that, we have only twenty-four hours? What about larger time scale: weeks, months, years?
This is not about planning everything ahead. Because it’s impossible, things changes too fast. We must adapt. Knowing where we are heading. WHY we do things? And do we truly want them to do?

Just do

Any decision is better than procrastination. If you don’t know what to do, listen to yourself, your feelings.
Done is better than perfect. Set any deadline to motivate yourself. Allow yourself some imperfection.


There are many items on the list of bugs I should take care of. I’ve started to read them. Give each some importance level. And only then start with the most important task from the top. In fact not all them I need to do. My perfectionism doesn’t want to agree with it, but I must.
So. This is our mantra.
What’s the most important thing I your life?

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  1. Thank you very much for your support, my friend ;p Great to see, that you also don’t give up and provide even more interesting subjects

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