250 days of meditation

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What changed from these 100 days five months ago?

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Experimenting with Unity Machine Learning – Making a New Learning Environment

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I’ve created a new learning environment. The tutorial is great, but for me, most interesting part was to train the agent myself. Continue reading “Experimenting with Unity Machine Learning – Making a New Learning Environment”

100 days of meditation

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Today I reached my 100th day of consequent meditation.
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The hidden cost of success

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Prototyping is easy, lame. Project ending is the hardest shit.

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The most important

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Everybody knows, yet everyone forgot about how important is making decisions. Determining which things are significant. Right here, right now. Because this is the only impact we have.

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I have returned

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It’s been a long time since the last post. I won’t be bothering you that many things have changed. Cause it’s obviously true.

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There is no end

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Project ending is hard. Every gamedev knows it. I’m feeling it “well” now at my job. And also at my side project. Continue reading “There is no end”

Happy coding

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I’m having some hard times with finishing my job project. Gladly, I’ve got great help from my fellow boss, who’s also programmer.

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Half year is quite a long time. A good time for retrospection. I’d love to share with you all these important things, that I achieve. Continue reading “Achievements”