I have returned

It’s been a long time since the last post. I won’t be bothering you that many things have changed. Cause it’s obviously true.


And I won’t make any promises, that I returned to write more regularly post, blah, blah, blah… That doesn’t matter. I want to be clear and true with you, and moreover – with myself.
So I can promise that there I will write whenever I want. I’ll share with you lessons, which life give me today. Maybe something you didn’t know. Or I’ll remind you of something, you also was thinking about.

Give up

So what I’ve learned today?
Give up. When you hit a wall, just give fucking up. Cause you won’t break it with your head. Of course, you could try. Even better, you could also like to break your head. It’s all up to you.
Today I’ve hit some nasty bug. Classically, it was working before. Regression. When I dive in code, quickly reminded that nasty part of the legacy code base. This magic net of if conditions. I’ve experimented with some simple solutions. But it didn’t work. And I could start to bash problems with all I have, not giving up, narrowing down my focus to asap kill the bug.

Take a break

But I didn’t. Get the break. Find quite a place. Clear mind. Meditate. And oh.. What’s this? Such a simple, great solution idea!


I have returned. To my desk. Implement. It worked. For the first time.
So when you hit the wall: stop, take a break, empty your mind.
It will fill with some new great things. Even without your help. Leave it alone for a while.
And return.

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  1. You better write what you think is happy that can transmit a happy or sad virus for learning for others who read it, both of which can be balanced with your writing style

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