The hidden cost of success

Prototyping is easy, lame. Project ending is the hardest shit.


The more bugs you fixed, the more you can get. Every change of code isn’t secure. Especially when you work with the legacy code base. Without tests. Regression is inevitable. You can complain about it all the time. Or … you used to it.


Meditation teaches us the art of resilience. We don’t have control over everything that happens. But we have control on our response to events. You have a choice. You can do what you always do. Or … you can become a friend with discomfort.


Even talent will not save you. In fact, I don’t believe in talents. Only work, practice makes perfect.


The success has its cost. It’s grit, surpassing yourself, being resilient. Never giving up, facing every problem with not being bad on the reality, but grateful.


This is your opportunity to learn something new. Don’t miss it. To grow we need to move from our comfort zone. So, go beyond, surpass yourself.
It’s your choice. Be as you are. Or be better.

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