There is no end

Project ending is hard. Every gamedev knows it. I’m feeling it “well” now at my job. And also at my side project.

Everyone thinks, that the end of a project is its ending. The truth is more brutal. You can end a project many times.

It’s not the point in history. In fact, this is a process.

You can have still many related things to do after the end. Still you’ve got some bugs: minors, hidden.

You end one day. QA or client test app. They gives you feedback. There are new things to-do. You end once more. They feedback. New things. And so on. Endless circle.

Our decision is when we end. It’s related to polishing. You try to solve every issue. It will take time. Only you can answer, is it worth it?

Regression and feature creep are our worst enemies. Every change of code, even small one, is great danger to our project. This is why TDD is great. And FP makes TDD even easier. Also in game development.

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    1. Oh, your very right. It’s also common aspect of this thing. Thank you, for great point. 😉

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