Happy coding

I’m having some hard times with finishing my job project. Gladly, I’ve got great help from my fellow boss, who’s also programmer.

He showed me another way of coding opposite to my. I’ve call it: experimental coding. Doing simple change, testing it asap. Seeing impact. Working in this fast feedback loop until things don’t work. Trying out all ideas.
I spend more time on thinking, designing solution in my head before writing it. But I see, that his way is more practical. Especially, if feedback loop is quite fast. Thinking leads to many mistakes. 
Unexpected things happen. But when you experiment – you are prepared for unexpected. You warmly welcome it with opened arms. When you plan too much and things don’t go with plan, you feel angry.
So this is the way to happy coding. Experiment more. Don’t over think, plan. Do more, think less.
I feel bad he lose his time helping me. I should do this. But working together, pair programming allow to learn faster from each other. Get things done. It’s support when feeling down.

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  1. Working with other programmers always help you coding. Every developer has different view. I love getting my code reviewed. It provides me many feedback. Also reading someone else code help me a lot to get into different technics of solving problem.
    Great post and hope you’re doing well in your job. Good luck my friend!

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