Shortcuts are magic

Shortcuts makes our work faster. Many shortcuts – even more. But when you know much more of them, something changing…

You become real world wizard. Casting spells with different series of strange symbols performed on keyboard.  If you don’t feel like magician you, just don’t use enough shortcuts. Trust me. This is also what people think of Emacs user. 

It’s what makes power users different from ordinary people. You don’t even need to use mouse. Our keyboard is also today fastest interface with computer. This is also reason why people don’t understand you. And they surprised, that you do something much faster than they.


Your work will be faster. A LOT faster. Don’t underestimate these small time gain. Because big number of small gains sum up to even bigger.


Learn shortcuts of your most used tools (OS, web, file browsers, email, note taking, Unity).


Also create your own spells. Use tools like AutoHotKey to make own shortcuts.


Share what are yours most liked shortcuts, please 😉

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