Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

Too much things to do. Want to help everyone. Short deadlines. Many problems with finding solutions.

It force me to get help from others. Mostly, I lead project alone. Less code quality, more getting things done asap. Less thinking, more doing.
There always will lack something. Always will be more problems on the way than we could expect. We will make mistake, get into trap in some strange cases.
There always be more things to do. And new will pop up unexpected. 
And most time when we feel bad, next time is better. Next day turn out, that it’s not such bad as we think
So the main source of our troubles are we. Our minds, thoughts. 
When you feel stress, just sit and meditate. Immediate you will feel better. You come up with new ideas to try.
Calm down, take rest. Don’t give up. Cause everything change. And bad time for sure, become shortly good.

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