Can we code better?

Is there better way to program? Can we code faster? With fewer errors, less writing? Could we read it easily and understand it without problems?

Did you ever wonder is can you do your job better AND faster? Do you pragmatic – thinking about improving it?
Don’t think programming is writing code in C-family, Object Oriented language. Nothing is set in stone. Also your language.
Explore. Broad your boundaries. Go out from your comfort zone. Learn Clojure.
There is an other way. Functional programming. Where function can be value (higher order functions). Where functions are pure without side-effects. Where you avoid error prone mutation with immutable state
What it gives you? Safe and easy concurrency (because there is no way to race conditions). Even easier code reuse (because pure functions are smaller, more independent, with zero coupling). Expressiveness – you write less and achieve more
Modularity is the key. Decomposing large problem and glue many small solutions. And no place for duplication.

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