Why do we love Clojure?

I love Clojure, because it’s excellent life hacker tool. It’s most pragmatic & expressive language. Makes me more productive. I can achieve more with less. And less is more.

How do it achive that? It’s Lisp. So it’s programmable programing language. Brings power of macros to fight with duplication. DRY is principle to follow not only in programing.

And it’s pleasure to use. Bottom up design, iterative implementation. Using REPLfastest feedback loop – will make you feel flow. Write and test without waiting to compilation end. Change code of even running programs!

It’s perfect second to learn language. As Alan Perils said:

A language that doesn’t affect the way you think about programming, is not worth knowing.

And Clojure will surely broaden your thinking. You will feel enlightenment. You become familiar with functional programming. It brings to you new tools to better solve problems.

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