What’s matter

I realized that I couldn’t help you anywayEveryone must find his way in doing things. Personal, well suited creation process.

We don’t want to hear someone who teach us. We doesn’t want to listen others. We know better what and how to do.

Strangely enough, this is good. If it’s  working, we shouldn’t bother.

But how often do we think about our work, process? How do we achieve goals? Did we have time for reflections?

That’s the core thing we should understand. It doesn’t matter what knowledge I share with you. You do anything with this. Even nothing.

What matters is to expose yourself to alternatives. Getting inspired by watching others. Thinking about choices we make. Don’t bash all things same way. Stop and think. Are there any better ways? Try them. Test if they are working for you. Tweak if needed.

That’s way we develop our own methods. Personal, well crafted only for us. Super productive. Then we’ll share them.

And again. They won’t help anybody. But they could. And this is, why it’s worth effort.

Inspiring others.

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