Secret of my productivity

Long time ago I took part in course Learning How to Learn. I’ve remember one idea, that become handy to my work. Yet, not many heard about it. 

Our mind works in two modes: focus and diffuse. Focus means concentration, flow state. Diffuse is opposite: relax, unconscious background working, when we take a break. 
For what it could help us? 
It turns out, that too much focus on some work, not only makes us exhausted. It’s also make us unproductive. When we focusing too much our scope shrink. We see less and less clear.
And when we take a break, our mind still unconscious working. It turns to diffuse mode. Our scope enlarging. See more and more. It’s time, when many good ideas pop to our heads.
To effective solve problems we should mix these two states frequently. This brings us to pomodoro technique. 25 min of focus mode work. Then 5 min of break to diffuse. And repeating this. 
This way we are super effective. I’m saved from over think because of running time. I’ve got breaks to do some unconscious work. Open to new ideas, that popping to my head.
More of that. I observe that I’m super creative when in break I meditate. I’m working on some problem. Focus for 25 min. Often feel happy flow state. Than take break. 5 or 15 min. Meditate. Silence thoughts. See new possibilities emerging from nothing in my head. Just catch them with notes. I wasn’t aware of them when I was focused. Happy with new ideas I trying them out on new 25 min focused pomodoro. 
Repeating this flow over and over through day. 
This is my secret of productivity. Focused hard work flow. Diffused creative meditation. Repeat until you find solution. And you find it hyperfast. Because you both creative & hard-working. And it’s still fun!
And how about yours secrets? ;p

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