Power to change the world

It’s hard but, I must admit it. To yourself. To others. We need it.

I’m not a hero

I’ve got my weaknesses, problems. Not do everything great, even when I try hard. My posts sucks. Yet, I’m doing it. I feel overwhelmed, confused, lazy, exhausted. Don’t know what to do, how to solve problems.

If you didn’t notice, this blog is about failures, reflections, post-mortems.
You may be thinking that I achieved my goals. So do I. But the truth is that there is more things in which I failed, than I made well. I’ve learnt many things, but still is more and more to learn.

Sometimes you win sometimes you learn.

It’s great to learn from own mistakes. But even greater is to avoiding ones made by others. It’s my way of helping.

I just want you to know that we are the same. We have own struggles. Not so much time. Many unexpected problems and even our personalities makes things harder. We are our worst enemies.

But please stay with me. We won’t give up. Fight with our fears. Always go little further, bring more value to others.
I don’t want to be your hero. Be at long distance with you. I want to be your friend. Sharing each other best things we have. Becoming better everyday.
Don’t treat me reserve. Your opinion is valuable. Feel free to share it here. My friend.

We have the power to make world better. We should start with yourself. Ignite others by our example than is lot easier.

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