How I want to help you?

This blog is for you.

I love helping people. Programming learnt me how to solve even complicated problems. I gather solutions of all kinds of them. Small ones tips, lifehacks. General loose reflections. More technical step by step guides. To solve particular problem or become more efficient overall.

I share it for free with you. Surprisingly everybody benefits here. You get more done with less failures, that I’ve done. I becoming better at communicating thought. Teaching others is best form of learning after all. We need to sum up all knowledge, answer questions, get only essence. Show practical, tested by myself solutions. It’s way to learn even faster.

It’s also way to build own brand. Becoming expert at my point of interest. Known from, that I could help you with this specific kind of problems.

Blogging is great. I encourage also you to try.

If you have any problem, please, leave a comment. We should help each other.

This is the goal of this page. And mine.

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  1. Yup, blogging is a part of being an expert for me. It’s a place where you share your knowledge and show your skills. Not even technical, but also personal, like being persevering.

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