When everything fails

there is a common misconception about every success story you hear

it’s a pity that not everybody are aware of that

you will definitely fail

note even once

I didn’t want to discourage you. If you try to achieve anything meaningful in you life

you will fail

the secret of success is to not discourage at all. You will have hard times. Every time you do something. There will be a problem. You didn’t know how to achieve something? It’s a problem. Ok, now you know what you achieve. Just make first step. And you hit a wall. Of glass. You didn’t see it. Because you realize that it’s there only when you try, do.

It’s discouraging as hell. I know that well. Have same feel bro. But there is one solution. Get up. And try again. Hit a wall, get up, again. And again, again.

Repeat. Repetition is the key.

There is no other way. Only trying.

But don’t even try to go back.

This is what fail really is. There is nothing wrong with failing. Until you moving forward.

So be prepared. On every journey you take. There will be a troubles. Behind every corner.

Remember. Achieving goal is very satisfying. But once you achieve it you lose it. It’s depressing. So rather than achieving goals, be happy with your journey. This is only true reward. Achieving a goal is only implication of your work.

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