Quick learning

just in time learning – learn only, what you need to go further

 first define what you want to learn
then just do it – start small with side project
you hit a problem? search for solutions, try yourself
dont fear trails and failures
get more knowledge: read books, watch videos
rewrite examples and play with them – write more code
repeat others that long, that you could do it yourself
track your learning using github (or other brands pages)
write notes, while working – document process
reflections, when you’ve done things and plan next tasks
cement what you’ve learned: share it – start from writing blog post
find user group and give presentation about your subject
take part in hackathons/gamejams – master your tools
and tech events – get inspiration
this way you learn asap
remember forever (via notes/posts) and help other – becoming an expert your field

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  1. I have to add something. Don’t afraid of fails. Work for success but remember fails because fails are lessons, which get you closer to success.

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