Not even one

Every problem consist in real from few small ones. At first we might not see this. It’s especially clear, when we asked for estimation. We fail a lot in it. It becomes clear, when we start working on it. Prototype. New subproblems just pop up while execution.

We need not to discourage – this is normal.

Experience gives us knowledge about solutions. Next time we hit similar problem, we will have some idea about, what work we should do.

Ok, so if one problem is in real few ones, how to solve them?

We need time for everyone. We should find source of it. First try to find solution in internet. Do not rediscover the wheel. Use some examples to help us start. Or develop our own via trail and failures. Every step takes time.

This is why we need to find countless number of small solutions to our small problems. Sum of this is solution to larger problems.

This come up with divide and conquer technique. Every problem you encounter isn’t just one.  Misfortunes come in pairs. You must be prepared on that.

Build library of problems and solutions. Your own StackOverflow. Browsing it then, will speed up you work. Don’t solve same problem more than once. It’s also good to track them as project in Trello.

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