How to solve any kind of problem?

When I was in school often, I was feeling this flow state on math lessons. When I get exercise and try to solve it. Deep focus, disappearing world. Obviously, I doesn’t know the name of it. When I found solution, I always feel satisfaction. I didn’t even think, that it could also become a part of my job.Our work is great. When we learn using tools, we quickly start learning other more important thing.

Solving problems.

This go beyond our work. Propagate to our daily lives. When you became developer your view change definitely. You learn how to resolve problems. Every kind of them.

I think, that this is my gift, I’m specialized in doing this, all time.

You start believing that there is nothing you can’t do. All things become just a matter of time. This belief gives you strength. Your self-esteem rise high.

Every person you meet have problems. Also you. And you know how to fix’em all. Just give me time, tools. They don’t exist? No problem. I make them.

This is great. Especially if you like helping people. It’s interesting way. You can help infinite number of people, by providing them solution. It feels good, when you see and hear then from people that they thank you. For you work.

This double you satisfaction. You go high. Feeling of satisfaction become you drug.
Could anything be better than that?

Programming isn’t about writing code. It’s about learning how to solve problems. Any kind of them. It’s about becoming powerful.

And how about you? Do you also feel flow while you working? Do you also love solving problems? Helping people?

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