Meditation for game developers: beginning

Pst. You wanna try some… meditation? 
What the heck? Are you want to sell us some bullshit? Why even we should bother?
Did word “benefits” something means to you? If yes, please sit down and listen (read).

See? You did it! You meditate!
What?? What are you talking about? You’ve made it.
If you read it. You became curious. You started to listen. To receive.
This is how meditation work. Sit down, and be quite. And did you know what happen? Nobody knows.
By this is the key. You sit down and listen. Close your eyes. This is just begining.
Suddenly thought arises. You’ll be watching it. Becoming more attached to it. Then you loose your mind. Your focus vanished. Now you are one with your thought.
But you are not them.
Did thoughts could live without you? Or did you could live without them?
This is enlightenment. And remember, it’s just beginning.
I’ve meditate about 300 times since one and half year. It’s about 3000 minutes, 50 hours. Of sitting and doing completely nothing. Or rather trying to. Does this time was wasted?
What are benefits of meditation? You can read it here.
But is it valuable for game developers? Here more answers (great article, besides). 
Why I’m trying to convinced you? Because that will change your life. It’s small habit. Minimal cost, but huge benefits. Incredibly effective (pareto principle). Productivity, effectiveness at it’s heart. As hell.
You’ll become better at anything. Because you’ll become better person. Want you?
And don’t believe me. Just try it.
Here. And now.

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