Writing block

Some days are special. Not only because you feeling great. Power to achieve anything. But admit it. Sometimes problems become bigger. You can’t do anything right. You feel small, demotivated. And I’ve got cure.

It’s time when people give up. Don’t do what they should. Because they can’t?

I’m feeling right now. It’s one of those days. I feel stuck writing it. I’m ashamed by my imperfection. Hitting every letter is heavier than ever.

And yet, I’m doing it.

Why you could ask? Why don’t you rest? There is no reason to overdo it. So why I don’t give up?

Because I can’t.

There is only one thing. One thing I can’t do.

Give up.

Not because I can’t do it. It’s easy. Lay down. Stop what you’ve been doing. Stagnate.

This is the reason why. We can’t doesn’t mean we should. Be afraid of the simplest path in such situations. Because you should always feel little uncomfortable. Always be learning. Don’t stop if you want to achieve something.

There is only one reason to stop for a while.

To meditate. To reflect and see what you’ve done. And to improve next day.

Because next day must be better.

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