Visual Studio Unity Debug.Log snippet

Lifehacker’s ultimate goals of all activity is to recognize and fight with the repetition. I found that currently I often Debug.Log state of variables. Let’s make it little simpler!


  1. download & unzip debuglog snippet
  2. copy it to default snippets folder
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC#\Snippets\1033\Visual C#


  1. copy variable that you would like to log
  2. hit Ctrl-k, Ctrl+s
  3. hit D button and Enter – choose debuglog
  4. write down variable name (without IntelliSense ;/) or paste variable
  5. hit End button

The solution isn’t best. I could make it better (and even know how). But still it’s much more usable then copy pasting & writing. So, please, enjoy it, too!


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