Why testers are not your enemies?

There isn’t more annoying thing in developers life after fixing bug, then tester who come to us reporting some new issues. Nobody like it. It feels like they do this deliberately. It could be almost depressing, when you happy with last resolved issue. And they smack you down to the ground mentioning about other urgent things to fix.

Nothing unusual that developers & testers (quality-assurance, QA) have hard relation. We are creators, who try to please them on everyday. It’s exhausting. And yet, they often come to us and complain even more.
But we should remember that there is great value in such hard relation. In the first sight it is not motivating that they find new bugs. But they are there to find all whats wrong with your application or game. To know what are not good. To know what need to be done better. So the software become much better for end users. Because they see our creation from other side, they spot flaws much faster than we. And this is also good.
Good testers also could provide some hint, or even solutions to issues. Because often they understand better users, they could bring valuable insights.
So be good to your fellow tester. He doesn’t play in another team, remember that he is always on your side 😉

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    1. Thank you very much! And good luck also to you. Remember that it’s not the end, rather beginning. I’ll check your blog soon, definitely 😉

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