Dreams come true: I AM GAMEDEV!

I did it! I officially become game developer! I’m working with great game studio Vile Monarch, creators of CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES and OH…SIR!! THE INSULT SIMULATOR.

My road to that goal was long, I could say. I’m very happy with my job. Currently I’m exploring project. Everything is new, fresh. Interesting and challenging. I’m feeling this sweet flow. Or I should say that I’m not working. I’m rather playing! It is very pleasant.

But I should warn you. When you achieve long-term goal like that, your life in one moment could lose its meaning. It feels somehow depressing. You return to home and don’t know what to do. Cause you already do what you wanted at work. So what you could be else doing? Some people could say, that it’s like ending great long book or TV series. You have now so much free time. And not even any idea what to do more.

But there is a cure for that also. Actualize your goals. Pick another ones dreams, that you want to achieve. And focus on them now. You have time for that. And more faith in yourself. Because at last one dream I has already fulfilled. So another one will be much easier!

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