IDE at hand – mobile development environment

Yes, I’m geek. All my time I love to learn. So I find ways to learn everywhere I can. I’m also programmer, so I love to code, finding solutions. Let’s think about it. How I can solve this issue?

So I made my smartphone a dev environment. I use to it Termux on my Android device, install Emacs on it and git. I’m reading SICP now. And you know, I read lot of it, and take exercises actually in breaks. On my fone. Read, write some Scheme example code. Try it in REPL using TinyScheme. And write my own solutions to exercises.

This way I become more familiar with Emacs, even faster. Now I feel its greatness. It become more natural for me. Truly editor of choice for any Lisp dialect.

I’m trying to move as much I can to mobile. Writing notes using Evernote, blog post with WordPress. And now even code in Termux console. Reading news via Feedly, mails with Inbox. Just to have it all time at my hand. On breaks. When needed. To learn faster. Because learning is what gives me pleasure.

And how about you? What are you doing at breaks? 😉

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