Wizard’s help

Tomorrow I’m going to give presentation about my experiences while working with Arcadia Unity. It would be my second performance at KTNG Polygon and next publication to my portfolio.

It’s one of those things that excites me. I mean, sharing my knowledge with other people. And it’s also one of main reason to writing this blog. Teaching people is best way to learn. You must gather what you know organize it and communicate in simple way.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
Albert Einstein

What’s even more important for me, this is good way for helping others. Bringing developed by yourself solutions in easy to use way is great. It’s especially motivating if someone will just write you comment, or mail: “Hey, you helped me, thank you!”. This is one of the sweetest words that I could hear. It gives meaning for all my work – from programming to writing.

I think that, main purpose of us developers, isn’t just writing code – be translator from human to computer language. But it’s solving problems. Sharing it with others. Making world better in a way, in which we are feeling most confident.

This is our remarkable, almost wizards, power. Being able to help others from seats before our computers. But we must use it well. And always be learning how to become better.

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  1. Will be surely. I’ll also provide some recording, presentation & source code. So I think that would be interesting & helpful 😉

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