How to become a game developer?

There are number of ways to become game developer. Best, backdoor, old-school or even hidden. Which is your?

Best method – make a game

Portfolio is most crucial asset when it comes to convincing employers to candidacy. There are a huge amount of materials, tools, knowledge and so on now to achieve that goal. So it much easier, than good old times. Just grab some Unity tutorial. While you’ll be performing it you create game. Voilà, you are game developer. Even if it’s just a clone – you now understand game development process. Then you could think of how to improve your game. Or take another course, and make another game.

requirements – googling

Backdoor – become QA tester

Then climb the corporate ladder and become a game designer. Remember that fact that you play many games doesn’t mean that you are great tester. It’s hard and many times boring work. But your hard work and patience could bring you some day to more creative part of game development process.

requirements – patience

Old-school – via college: computer science and fine arts

In Poland there aren’t many strict game development education. But there are always these core field of studies. Beware, this is just a beginning. School can teach you fundamentals, which could be help in your future. But specifics of game development, could take another time.

requirements – huge amount of learning

Hidden way

Go to game developers meetings, conferences. Then go with them to pub and make friends. Read their blogs, comment. Go to gamejam’s with them. Be visible, helpful. It would still require some learnings. When you surround yourself with experts you faster accumulate their knowledge. And also learn fastest possible.

requirements – charisma, networking


And my choice: attack your enemy from all angles – do a little from  every side 😉


And what do you thinks? What are yours ideas about that subject?

references: “Jak dostać się do Gamedev’u” by Maciej Miąsik

4 Replies to “How to become a game developer?”

  1. Today almost every profession is related with game development: writer, artist, programmer, mathematician even sculptor. It can be overwhelming when you start with it, but that’s what’s beautiful about it, almost anyone can take part in making one and there are always many things that you can improve.

    1. Very good point. Your right, anyone can help. It strike me, because I always think in terms of one indie gamedev. When you are responsible for every part by yourself. But a litlle help from others can be much more enjoyable and profitable for all.

  2. I create games. This’s the best, because it forces me to work alone, be individual. I hope one day it’s going to help me to get to the gamedev 🙂

    1. I’m also going that way.
      But you must remember, that when you made a game, it instantly mean that you are in gamedev. Because there isn’t any higher force that gives that title. It’s rather: you made a game, now you understand how it feels. So you are part of our community. And your experience is as much valuable as others. No matter what you think. So share it, to help others grow faster.

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