My 4 most valuable habits

When I encountered famous Aristotle quote:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

I started looking for emergent habits, which gives most with minimal effort.

And this what I find out:
– meditation
– running
– reading
– writing

You may question why? Here are some answers.


Andy Puddicombe in his TED talk “All it takes is 10 mindful minutes” (just 9 minutes video). Gives awareness, priceless feel of being here and now. More focus and understading of yourself. For just 10 minutes per day your life in every part will be better forever. It’s also important, because our thoughts becomes our destiny.


Christopher McDougall in “Are we born to run?” convincing us that humans are best creature on the Earth at it. It could be one of secret survival of our species. You could exercise anywhere, with no money. Running improves our health, prevent disease so we can live longer. It keeps us in shape, boost confidence, and such us meditation, relive stress and eliminate depression.


It’s a thing, that self-made millionaire have in common and all highly successful people do. They rather educate themselfes in free time, than entertain (or better to said that, education becomes to them form of entertainment ;))

Writting (taking notes, sketches)

This is the habit of geniuses, like Leonardo da Vinci. It’s also connected sharing valuable experiences with others (via this blog for example ;)). Getting feedback about your work to day by day improving your work and yourself.


And whats yours valuable habits?

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  1. For me gym is one of the most important things which makes me better. Constantly I have to force myself to do more and more. To take havier weight and be patient when I can’t manage with it.

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