Meditation for game developers: beginning

Pst. You wanna try some… meditation? 
What the heck? Are you want to sell us some bullshit? Why even we should bother?
Did word “benefits” something means to you? If yes, please sit down and listen (read).

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Writing block

Some days are special. Not only because you feeling great. Power to achieve anything. But admit it. Sometimes problems become bigger. You can’t do anything right. You feel small, demotivated. And I’ve got cure.

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How to learn anything

Just start to do it. Choose one best habit, that leads to your goal. Meditate when you want achieve enlightenment. Make games, when you want to create best one. 

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Visual Studio Unity Debug.Log macro

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Developer’s path as a road through failures

Solving one main problem is road through unexpected other small ones. We need persistence: don’t giving up. Iterate, find solution to every small problem, we encounter. Don’t lose big picture. Only in the end, we find solution to that main problem.

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Abstraction versus explicity

Real battle in programming isn’t about, if Functional Programming is better than Object Oriented. It is not also, which language is better. But it’s all about abstraction versus explicity balance. And persisting it, is the most challenging thing in all programming field.

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Why testers are not your enemies?

There isn’t more annoying thing in developers life after fixing bug, then tester who come to us reporting some new issues. Nobody like it. It feels like they do this deliberately. It could be almost depressing, when you happy with last resolved issue. And they smack you down to the ground mentioning about other urgent things to fix.

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Szkic życiorysu

Od zawsze marzyłem o tym, aby tworzyć gry komputerowe.

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