Visual Studio Unity Debug.Log macro

To be clear, I wasn’t satisfied by previous solution (Visual Studio Unity Debug.Log snippet).

It’s too much steps. It was, little faster than normal, true. But we also should not only to simpler tools. It would be better, if we could hit one shortcut. And all that magic happens.

I use other tool. Macros. I tried Macros for Visual Studio extension. But JS interface was somehow not enough. So I use Visual Commander. You write macros using  Visual Basic or C# so it’s much convenient.

  1. install Visual Commander (download it through page, or VS / Tools / Extensions and Updates / Online – serach Visual Commander)

  2. restart Visual Studio
  3. download my script & unpack it
  4. import it: VS / VCmd / Import / choose file

  5. set shortcut via VS / Tools / Options… / Keyboard

  6. Search for vcmd (VCmd.Command01, 2, …)

  7. assign your shortcut (I choose Ctrl+M, 1, 2, …)

So now we just move cursor to variable. Hit Ctrl+M, 1 (or other number of command)

(sorry for watermark, but you can see better key strokes).

Enjoy it, please.  As you see it’s simple. And can’t do lot more. So how about you share with me yours ideas, or even macros to make your work little faster and less repetitive? 😉

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