Control music with shortcuts on normal keyboard via AutoHotKey

Let’s face it. Your keyboard doesn’t have media buttons. But you are lifehacker and want to manage your Spotify or other music player with shortcuts. And you are developer. What are you doing when you strike the problem? Yes, you right. Let’s fix this!


1. download & install AutoHotKey – it’s great app for automation, we’ll use it to solve our problem
2. download & unpack my example script & copy it to some safe place (e.g Documents)

I’ve set global shortcuts for Volume Up (Win+PageUp), Volume Down (Win+PageDown) and Mute (Windows+End). There are also shortcuts to previous (Win+F9), next (Win+F11) song & also for play/pause (Win+F10). You may also change these keys as you wish with these map & this. Just edit script. e.g from


So now Crtl+Up key will be for volume up.
You must be warned that it may conflict with your others apps. So be careful in choosing right shortcut.

If you double click script it will run AutoHotKey in background. And shortcuts will work
(tested on Windows 10)

But you’ll need to start this script at every machine start. Seems like other problem to solve. Let’s make it happen!

Convert script to application

1. go to you AutoHotKey installation folder. It should be something like this
C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\Compiler
2. run Ahk2Exe.exe
3. browse script that you’ve downloaded & set also destination

4. hit “> Convert <” button

Compiler turns AutoHotKey script to .exe application. We’re half way through. Now we need to run this program at every login. So we could use Scheduler.

Windows Scheduler

1. Run Windows Scheduler
2. create new task
3. set name (e.g. AutoHotKey)

4. set trigger as login

5. yes, we’d like to run a program (guess what… ;))
6. browse to app created from our script

7. end

Behold! Now you are free.
And remember that this is just beginning. AutoHotKey can make much more for you. Use it well!

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