When Unity finishes script compilation?

Is your Unity editor freezes when it’s compiling scripts? And you don’t actually know when it’s finished? Are you want to know, when you could hit play or build & run to test your last solution?

This seems to be minor issue, but as we know the devil’s in the detail. I often catch myself on that I didn’t start build & run, because I was thinking, that compiling is already done. Or I’ve switch Unity to work on something different and return for much longer time than I should.
So this simple issue could cause quite significant consequences. Since I’m developer I should solve not only projects tasks, but also things that slower my work down. I’ve prepared Unity editor script, which show is editor compiling now scripts.


The script is slightly changed version of EditorApplication.isCompiling example.

It’s very odd that it’s not part of current editor – definitely it should be.
In the future, I’ve thinking about changing this indicator to progress bar or pop-up. However, I encourage you to use it now. May it will be help also for you 😉

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