Developer’s path as a road through failures

Solving one main problem is road through unexpected other small ones. We need persistence: don’t giving up. Iterate, find solution to every small problem, we encounter. Don’t lose big picture. Only in the end, we find solution to that main problem.

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Visual Studio Unity Debug.Log snippet

Lifehacker’s ultimate goals of all activity is to recognize and fight with the repetition. I found that currently I often Debug.Log state of variables. Let’s make it little simpler! Continue reading “Visual Studio Unity Debug.Log snippet”

Abstraction versus explicity

Real battle in programming isn’t about, if Functional Programming is better than Object Oriented. It is not also, which language is better. But it’s all about abstraction versus explicity balance. And persisting it, is the most challenging thing in all programming field.

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Control music with shortcuts on normal keyboard via AutoHotKey

Let’s face it. Your keyboard doesn’t have media buttons. But you are lifehacker and want to manage your Spotify or other music player with shortcuts. And you are developer. What are you doing when you strike the problem? Yes, you right. Let’s fix this! Continue reading “Control music with shortcuts on normal keyboard via AutoHotKey”

Why testers are not your enemies?

There isn’t more annoying thing in developers life after fixing bug, then tester who come to us reporting some new issues. Nobody like it. It feels like they do this deliberately. It could be almost depressing, when you happy with last resolved issue. And they smack you down to the ground mentioning about other urgent things to fix.

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When Unity finishes script compilation?

Is your Unity editor freezes when it’s compiling scripts? And you don’t actually know when it’s finished? Are you want to know, when you could hit play or build & run to test your last solution?

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